By Governors for Governors

What is HASG?

The Hertfordshire Association of School Governors, more commonly known as the HASG and formerly known as the Hertfordshire Governors Association (HGA), is an independent organisation that supports and informs school governors, to ensure their views are heard and to promote high standards in school governance.  We are affiliated to the National Governors Association (NGA) as a local association which enables us to maintain the strength of the NGA relationship and provide local benefits to our members.

Since our reconstitution in April 2011 approximately 70% of Hertfordshire schools subscribe to our services.   We encourage Academy schools, as well as maintained schools, to join us.  We would ask that all governing bodies select a representative to attend each of the three forums held throughout the year.

The HASG has an Executive Committee that comprises of a maximum of 15 members that meet regularly during the academic year.

Our objectives, as set out in the constitution, are as follows:

The Association is established to

  1. support the development, effectiveness and good practice of governors and governing bodies
  2. further the education of the children in Hertfordshire schools.
  3. promote co-operation between Hertfordshire schools.
  4. further the interests of Hertfordshire school governance through communication with, and membership of, appropriate organisations at national and local level.
  5. act as a non-party-political and non-sectarian forum for the exchange of information relating to the needs and interests of Hertfordshire governors and school governance.

Over 350 school and academy governing bodies in Hertfordshire benefit from membership of HASG.  We provide an organisation for local governors to inform, discuss, and network with each other.  This complements the training service provided to many schools by Hertfordshire County Council, with whom we have a good working relationship.  It also complements the work done by the National Governors’ Association, to which HASG is affiliated.  Members of HASG benefit from briefings and access to a governor-led view on national and local issues.

Sign us up!  How does our governing body join?

Governing body membership currently costs £85 per academic year.

Please contact us at for more information.

We’re not yet members.  Can we attend any HASG events?

Yes.  HASG provides some services for all Hertfordshire governors – not just paid-up members – in the shape of our termly forums.  Look on our forums page for more information.

Can our governing bodies of independent schools  join?

Membership of HASG is also open to governors from independent and free schools.