February 2015 Forum

February 2015 Forum

The Hertfordshire’s Association of School Governors Forum in February included the following speakers/activities:

  • Mediation Hertfordshire
    Mediation is a form of conflict resolution, which involves 2 people and a skilled facilitator (mediator), who supports both of them in seeking resolution when a conflict or disagreement has occurred.  In schools, mediation can help in situations involving colleagues, disputes between parents and staff and where there are issues between Governors and staff members.  A case which MH has mediated, involved Governors and the Head who were unable to work constructively together due to long-standing communication issues which were not dealt with when they first arose.  The mediation resulted in a positive outcome and clearer boundaries being agreed between governance and operational matters.  This case illustrates how important it is to deal with issues promptly and how mediation can help when relationships are strained.  The whole school benefited from a better understanding and stronger working relationships.
    Mediation Hertfordshire can be contacted via e-mail or telephone –help@nullmediationherts.org.uk 01442 268044/243402.  We are happy to discuss potential cases and costs and advise on our referral process.
  • Devising a Staff Wellbeing Strategy – Alison Parkes
    At a time when staff are under increasing pressure to raise standards, meet objectives and work to performance related increments, wellbeing is key to ensuring a happy and engaged workforce.  What can you do, as a governor, to ask the right questions to explore whether there is a culture of staff wellbeing within your school?

    A well planned and considered strategy sends a clear message that this is a school that invests in its people.  What will you say when Ofsted asks you about what your staff feel?  How will you know?

  • Karin Hutchinson
    Karin Hutchinson
  • Karin Hutchinson – Lead Teaching and Learning Adviser – Wellbeing & Vulnerable Groups – will talk about her experiences in working with schools and the governance courses she is currently delivering.
  • Gillian Cawley, Assistant Director Commissioner for Education Services, will give a short “Governors’ Briefing  to bring us up to date on Hertfordshire Education issues.

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