Newsbites 25th November 2015

Newsbites 25th November 2015

Some news updates that might have passed you by are listed with brief synopses and links to the sources are shown below:


Speech: HMCI’s monthly commentary: November 2015

19 November, 2015

In his second monthly commentary Sir Michael Wilshaw looks at the role that governance plays in an increasingly autonomous education system. Wilshaw launched a call for evidence for anyone who has views and experience to contribute to inform a piece of work about the effectiveness of governance in schools.

Corporate report: Ofsted’s senior structure

16 November, 2015

Ofsted’s senior structure.

Blog: Closing the gap: test and learn

2 November 2015

At the Closing the gap: test and learn event, almost 50 teachers shared their school-led research. Robin Hall, school-based research and development manager at NCTL, explains more about the project

Healthy breakfasts ‘help pupils do up to twice as well’ in assessments

17 November 2015

The BBC is reporting a new study that suggests children who eat a healthy breakfast are more likely to do well – up to twice as well – in end of primary school assessments than those who do not. The full report published in Public Health Nutrition can be found here.

The ASCL School Leaders Survey 2015

20 November 2015

The ASCL School Leaders Survey has revealed that school leaders are facing intense budget pressures and are considering making cuts to both teaching and non-teaching positions over the coming year as they look to manage their budgets.

New study reveals 30,000 fewer children bullied in last 10 years

15 November, 2015

The study involving more than 10,000 secondary school pupils shows that:

  • 30,000 fewer children in England now face the fear of bullying compared to 2005
  • robbery between pupils has halved – last year just 1% of children reported being robbed

The full study Bullying: Evidence from LSYPE2- wave 2,  can be found here.

Transparency data: Bullying of year 10 pupils in England: estimates

15 November, 2015

A comparison of reported instances of bullying in 2005 and 2014.

Nick Gibb speech at the Freedom and Autonomy for Schools – National Association (FASNA) annual conference

12 November, 2015

Academisation is unleashing innovations across English schools, liberating teachers and driving up standards.

Exclusion guidance cancelled by Nick Gibb still not replaced after 10 months

5 November 2015

Guidance on pupil exclusions that was withdrawn eight months ago has yet to be updated by the Department for Education.

Teachers offered £10,000 above pay scale as staff shortage sparks school bidding wars

13 November 2015

The Independent is reporting that bidding wars between schools mean sought-after teachers are being paid up to £10,000 extra as headteachers compete to attract or retain the best staff.

‘Fat letter’ should be scrapped or reformed to help parents tackle obesity

10 November 2015

The TES is reporting that public health experts are calling for “fat letters” – in which teachers write home to parents to tell them their child is overweight – to be scrapped or reformed.