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Governance Case Studies

The ‘National Leaders of Governance – East of England‘ have recently published 3 case studies that will be of interest to Herts Governors:

School to School Governance Support in Luton

This case study, written by Craig Smith, NLG Central Beds, discusses  a soft federation of seven secondary and one 11-18 special school, called Luton Futures, working collaboratively together to improve outcomes for learners. The federation has been in operation since 2011 and has developed real impetus – so much so that after starting as a Heads forum it further developed with LFIGs (Luton Futures Improvement Groups) designed to focus in on and support specific areas. These LFIGs were developed from 2012 onwards and focused on areas such as Teaching and Learning, Literacy, Data, SEN, Behaviour, Business Managers. In 2013 the model was extended to cover Governance and an LFIG Governors Group was set up – to offer peer to peer support to the Chairs of Governors of the eight schools and to support leadership development across the federation.

Read the full article here.

Teaching school alliance support for governance in Suffolk

Written by Victoria De Naeyer, this study discusses Samuel Ward Academy Trust, a multi-academy trust with a family of academies in Suffolk. The trust consists of 3 secondary academies, 3 primary academies and a special school. The Suffolk Borders Teaching Alliance was established in September 2015, led by Samuel Ward, and is made up of 15 schools in the locality. Samuel Ward has embraced its responsibilities for school to school support and system leadership as it relates to governance and is really having an impact on raising governance standards across its trust and wider teaching school alliance.

Read the full article here.

Developing governance system leaders in Hertfordshire

Written by our own Kathy Dunnett, this study discusses the evolutionary process from the creation of Herts Leaders of Governance, through to National Leaders of Governance and leading on to Strategic Leaders of Governance; this latter group has grown from a small kernel of 6 in 2012 to nearly 40 now helping schools in Hertfordshire to meet their objectives.

Read the full article here.