Herts for Learning contract services 2014/15

Herts for Learning - Contract ServicesSummaries of Herts for Learning’s 2014/15 contract services (previously known as traded contract summaries), will be issued to schools this week.  HfL confirm they are holding prices at their current level for the 2014/15 financial year.

Two copies of the contracts will be sent to each school/academy, one marked for the attention of the headteacher and one for the chair of governors. Each will contain a copy of the schools’ 2014/15 contract for all services currently provided by HfL along with a more detailed breakdown of the schools’ 2014/15 contract for School IT Systems Support (SITSS).

To support the contracts, a copy of Herts for Learning’s new contract services brochure will be included. The brochure contains details of all contract services available to schools through Herts for Learning and includes a number of new services for 2014/15.

Specific contact details for all services are detailed on your contract or within the brochure, however if you have any queries regarding your school’s contract or wish to make any changes to it, please contact HfL.Finance@nullhertsforlearning.co.uk.

HfL have said:

Schools will be sent two copies of the contracts and brochure, one for the attention of the CoG and one for the head.