Hemel Roadshow hits the papers

Hemel Roadshow hits the papers

The Hemel Roadshow recently attracted interest from the local newspaper ensuring that the message gets spread even further.  hemeltoday reported the event as follows:

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Hemel Roadshow in hemeltoday
Governors roadshow comes to Hemel Hempstead – Mike Scandrett, chairman of the Herts Association of School Governors is 2nd on left.




A school governor recruitment roadshow will be stopping off at the Volunteer Centre in Marlowes, Hemel Hempstead, on Saturday, June 27.

Schools and academies are being rallied with the support of the Hertfordshire Association of School Governors (HASG) and Herts for Learning, to recruit people for their governing bodies.

The district of Hemel Hempstead has been identified as having recruitment problems currently, which is why HASG are delighted that the Deputy Mayor, Cllr Robert Mclean and MP Mike Penning are supporting this event, to raise the profile of the role and encourage people to volunteer.

Mike Scandrett, chairman of the Hertfordshire Association of School Governors said:

Being a governor is not just about attending meetings. It is much more about being part of your local school and local community while making a contribution towards the development and learning of young people who are the citizens of tomorrow. Governors are there to ensure that schools are run well, to shape their future and that children thrive and enjoy learning. Being part of that is a reward in itself. Be proud to be a governor. I am.

As a school governor you are part of the strategic leadership team for the school. You will steer the school vision, aims and objectives, ensure financial best value and support and enable the staff to provide an excellent learning environment. Could you be a school governor?

  • If you have the time and commitment to help improve the education of the pupils in your chosen school
  • If you are prepared to attend governors’ meetings and visit the school
  • If you are prepared to attend training to ensure that you fully understand your role then you would make an ideal school or academy governor.

There has already been a successful event in Stevenage earlier in June, when local MP Stephen McPartland said:

It is really important we get people with the right skills to volunteer as School Governors. It is an incredibly rewarding position and makes a massive impact on the quality of education locally. School Governors work closely with staff to ensure the resources are available to make a difference to every child’s education and help them succeed in life.

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a school or academy governor, email kathy.dunnett@nullhertsforlearning.co.uk or alternatively check out the websites at www.hertsdirect.org/governors or www.hertsgovernors.org/