School Funding Consultation

Herts for Learning - AssessmentSchool Funding Consultation Closes 31st December

Herts for Learning are running a further school funding consultation concerning funding arrangements for the 2016/17 academic year. The consultation covers:

  1. A proposal to discontinue the sixth form funding factor within Hertfordshire’s local school funding formula and to recycle this resource through pre 16 funding:
    Secondary schools and academies with sixth forms receive sixth form funding allocations from the Education Funding Agency. These are determined by the national post 16 funding formula. Currently additional funding for sixth forms is provided through Hertfordshire’s local school funding formula. This totals £2.994m in 2015-16 for all Hertfordshire schools and academies with sixth forms, equating to £182.10 per sixth form pupil..
  2. Changes to the Scheme for Financing Schools from April 16:
    The Scheme for Financing Schools is the statutory document that governs the financial relationship between the local authority and the schools it maintains including ESCs. It does not apply to academies. Changes to the scheme are made with the agreement of the Hertfordshire Schools Forum following a consultation with schools. The Authority is consulting on three changes.

You can view the consultation document below:

Please follow the link below to the response form on SurveyMonkey: