Deadline for HfL Satisfaction Survey

Urgent Deadline to respond to surveyAre You satisfied with HfL – Urgent Deadline

The 2019 HfL Shareholder Satisfaction survey to Hertfordshire Chairs is now available to complete online with a deadline of 24th May!

The HASG would strongly urge all Chairs to complete the survey.

Limited Responses to Date

As you may be aware, HfL sent details of the survey out to the Chairs of the 520 shareholding schools on 1st May 2019 and the HfL governance team have since been following up with Chairs since to encourage engagement.  However, they have only had 41 responses from Chairs in the past 3 weeks, compared to the 93 responses received last year.

Outcomes From Last Year

Last year HfL received a total of 233 responses from their Heads and Chairs of their shareholding schools and they used their feedback to:

  • help improve existing HfL services,
  • introduce a range of new support services such as:
    • the Financial Sustainability Workshops,
    • GDPR/DPO Support Service,
    • Occupational Health Service, and
    • Staff Absence and Wellbeing Cover.

Over the past year, they have also invested £120k in common good activities for their shareholders, including:

  • pupil premium and closing the gap research and action projects,
  • research and sharing of best practice, and
  • further teacher recruitment events.

So it really is worthwhile for Chairs to share their feedback with them.

Link to the Chair’s survey: HfL Shareholder Satisfaction Survey 2019

The survey closes on Friday 24th May 2019.  This year HfL will enter each returned survey from chairs of governors into a prize draw for a £50 book token for their school!